General Oxford Tourist Information
Oxford is home to one of the oldest universities in the world. With recorded teaching beginning in 1097, Oxford University has grown to be one of the most renowned and respected universities worldwide. With the University being the central feature of the City, it should come as no surprise that the local economy and infrastructure is heavily focused toward serving that. As such, the city is relatively small, has few manufacturing or industrial companies near the centre, and shopping areas are packed right in among the centuries-old Collegiate buildings. Driving in and around the city is highly discouraged so that buses, bicycles and pedestrians can enjoy the architecture, green-space and ample tourism opportunities.

Things to see in Oxford:

  • Radcliffe Camera
  • Sheldonian Theatre
  • Christ Church and other Colleges
  • Ashmolean Museum
  • Oxford Castle
  • Carfax Tower
  • University Church of St Mary the Virgin (and tower)

... to name but a few

Please see the Oxford City Guide and the Visit Oxford and Oxfordshire web sites, as well as the map below, which shows some of the better known attractions and some highly recommended pubs. The weekend prior to the Symposium also happens to be the annual Oxford Open Doors event, where a number of colleges and museums have free access and events.

See map below for some restaurants and pubs which all serve good food, or head towards Carfax Tower in the centre, and you'll find plenty of eating and drinking opportunities.

Electrical Outlets
The UK uses three-pin 240 V AC mains power, so electrical adapters are recommended for international visitors.

With the conference held in early September, chances are good that the weather will still average a pleasant 18 °C and not be too cloudy or rainy. However the British weather is notoriously changeable and anything from blazing sunshine to torrential rain can be expected! Checking the weather in the few days before travelling to the UK is highly recommended.